Busting the Myth of Diversity: Inclusion is the New Gospel Truth

Fore Thought

The world’s intensifying globalization requires more collaboration among individuals from differing backgrounds and diversity. Particularly when it comes to today’s workplace, individuals do not work in a confined space or insular environment, each entity is a part of a common goal.

Each talent is a part of a global framework fighting to influence the worldwide economy. Insights by McKinsey have proved that companies with variety in diversity outperforms the one with least assortment, and mind you, it’s not the government policies that have highlighted how a mélange of talents can contribute to economic growth and gain.

But hold on, isn’t ‘Diversity a mix, Inclusion is making the mix work’?

So, this brings us to the main agenda – Inclusion is the new Diversity.
How do you want your talent to address you? Can they knock on your open-door policy without hesitation? Are alternative ideas, thoughts welcomed by your company? Don’t know the answer yet. The time is nigh, that you embrace the reciprocal differences and work on creating an encompassing, holistic, and comprehensive arrangements.

Hiring and bringing individuals on board from various cultures and backgrounds is moderately a simple task, encouraging inclusivity is significantly is a difficult task, but certainly not impossible. As a leader, you must create a bypass which opens new doors of communication and opportunities for inclusion.

To start with, you can work on the following three peripherals to create an inclusive work environment.

  1. Be modest about your achievements

    Being a leader, stop attempting to fix things which aren’t even broken or doesn’t needs to be looked after. Rather try to blend in with the local elements keeping your global approach intact. Yes, you may be the best in your business, however, what's great in your commercial circle can be entirely parallel or on another horizontal for others.

    You need to comprehend that distinctive markets have an alternate way to deal with situations and manage circumstances. A quick fix for this issue is to acknowledge your direction can't be constantly right.

  2. Lighten up the environment

    One of the greatest quality of a leader is to encourage a two-way flow of communication. Another vital requirement is to create a safe place and open doors for everyone to put their points, ideas, thoughts across. Being a leader it is also your responsibility to inculcate leadership skills among the subordinates.

    Create an environment or implement policies which give access to information and opportunities to the talent and urge people to assume responsibility and communicate during conferences and business meetings.

  3. Shut the barriers

    As per a recent survey, 60% of the employees conform to the fact their relationship with the employers influenced them to great extent. Any negative disposition or discernment, can hurdle your growth prospects and majorly harm the work productivity and efficiency. Integrate policies which allow healthy discussions between the employee and employer, this will eventually bring profitability on your table.

    Managing a diverse workforce is more than just acknowledging differences in people, but valuing the disparities, opposing discriminations, and amplifying inclusion. A diverse workforce is a mirror image of today’s ever-evolving workplace. In this age of globalization, it has been noticed that diverse workplaces bring better offer on the palate, and there is a dire need for organizations to successfully adopt and utilize the benefits of a diverse workforce.