Hunt & Vector’s stringent focus on quality outcomes and world class executive search and selection is based on its proprietary technologies and industry leading methodologies, focused exclusively on maximizing technology based global outreach and talent mapping, while maintaining the key elements of relationship management with a personalized touch.

Outline Key Search Metrics

Hunt & Vector’s search methodology begins with a precise organization and role analysis, deep understanding of skills and capabilities, prerequisite dexterity and career achievements and an accurate assessment of the requisite cultural adaptability and alignment. We then customize the search process according to specific requirements that are in complete orientation to client priorities, in the process, identifying key responsibilities and competencies that the role entails.

Create Search Strategy

Hunt & Vector’s assigned consultants and backend teams then research companies, roles and functions in our proprietary database and through proprietary channels including social media, industry associations, referrals and in-house data. We create master potential talent summaries with comprehensive data points, for consideration of the client. We also Mine our external contact network and execute headhunting strategies to qualify the most suited talent search strategies for the role.

High Potential Talent Search

This stage primarily comprises talent outreach. Hunt & Vector consultants communicate extensively with potential names, outlining the role and responsibilities, while assessing their interests and ambitions for perfect alignment. Hunt & Vector specialists conduct extensive in-person meetings and interviews of all the prospective contenders, while assessing them on our capability assessment matrix. We score passive candidates based on their suitability and rigorously persuade and follow up with the highest scoring nominee to consider the role. Upon their confirmation, their data is compiled and forwarded to the client.

Transition and Deployment

Post interview, Hunt & Vector’s consultants conduct thorough background and reference checks, including assessment of the candidate’s reputation and achievements in the industry and region from trusted third party, neutral sources. We assist in negotiations of compensation and benefits and ensure a close follow up during the entire transition process, in accordance with the clients’ talent deployment schedule. Post deployment, Hunt & Vector consultants communicate regularly, if mandated, for optimizing candidate fitment in the new role.

Hunt & Vector’s industry leading methodology has been proven across sectors and job functions, consistently and with a flawless success ratio. Our tried and thoroughly honed process orientation ensures your ROI on talent acquisition is maximized without compromising on precision or deadlines.

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